Precompile Ember.js templates with Handlebars version 1.3.0

An exciting new feature for Ember.js is the support for Query Parameters by the router. However the node module I’ve been using (ember-precompile) currently ships with Handlebars 1.0 which does not support Subexpressions; a required feature for query params.

So I’ve created an npm package that is a fork of the existing Ember-Precompile, using the latest versions of Ember.js and Handlebars - currently 1.5.1 and 1.3.0, respectively.

In your package.json, specify "ember-precompilex": "*" in your dependencies.

  "name": "my-ember-project",
  "dependencies": {
    "ember-precompilex": "*"

As I’m using Symfony for my app, and using assetic to handle the precompilation of my templates, I’ve also needed to modify my \Assetic\Filter\EmberPrecompileFilter class to point to ember-precompilex rather than ember-precompile.

The package fork is on GitHub here, and on the npm registry here

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