My favourite place to stay in Rome

A quick post and unashamed advertisement for my good friends in Italy… Two years ago I took my very first trip to Italy, whose language I have been slowly learning since I was in primary school, and whose food I have been calling my favourite for all of my life (seriously, who doesn’t thank God daily that some Italians centuries ago decided to whack some flour and eggs/water in a bowl, mix, craft it into various shapes and lengths, boil it, and add tomatoes - I do - but I digress…).

The Rome B&B that we chose through AirBnb (which, by the way, if you haven’t used you’ve been travelling wrong) was that of Luca and Delfina. We actually arrived one night late (which is a whole other story, but spoiler alert it begins with “who the fuck decided to give Gatwick and Stanstead such similar names?!?!”). Anyway, to cut a long story short, we are now back in Italy for the second time - although this time staying for nearly 3 months, 1 month of which is in Sicily at their other beautiful sicily villa.

In any case, these people have shown us such incredible hospitality and friendship, the least I could do is offer them a link from my little website to that of their B&B in the hopes that you (my wonderful readers) will stay there too, and discover, as I did, this marvellous gem of Italy.

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